What’s in a (baby) name?

I’m often asked why we chose our son’s name. Is it a family name? (No.) Did both of you agree on it? (Yes.)

Yes, our son has an uncommon name. Kind of. I know of other Pierces. I know people who know of other Pierces. Nevertheless, it’s not something you hear often.

There a few reasons why we went with Pierce Butler.

I’ll start with the silly reasons involving martinis, “shaken, not stirred” and a passionate blockade runner in the Deep South.

I have an inordinate admiration for Pierce Brosnan (and James Bond films, generally). He is certainly the first Pierce I knew of off hand and is at least half of why we chose the name. I had to give my husband other reasons, of course.

His middle name, Butler, is similar. Growing up in Atlanta, I was mildly obsessed with Gone With the Wind.  I always thought Viven Leigh was the most gorgeous woman. As I grew older and understood the weight of the movie, my appreciation for it’s cultural value made it seem important to me.

But there was always something to me about Rhett Butler. I mean, c’mon. The ascot. The dark hair. He had swagger. He goes after what he wants. He is a winner. I like that. I wanted my son to have a name associated with such things.

More importantly, Pierce is a derivative of Peter, the first Pope. I am Catholic with an Irish-Italian heritage. So it was very important to my husband and I to capture that in Pierce’s name.

Lastly, there are both a Supreme Court Justice named Pierce Butler and a Founding Father! So that’s pretty cool … we’re lawyers, so our nerdy tendencies enjoy that.

There’s a road named Pierce Butler in Sea Island, one of our favorite places to spend time with family and friends.

So … with ALL of those things in mind … we arrived at Pierce Butler Washburn.

And he is wonderful with lots of baby swagger to be sure.

Thanks for inquiring and thanks for reading!

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