Sailing into Month Three

My darling Pierce,

You are three months old today. I’ve seen you grow so much in such a short amount of time. Sometimes, I think you are well beyond your months.

You are such a fine boy, a sweet son and you love many things.

You love people and social interaction. You remind me so much of your father, and maybe a little bit of myself, when I watch you take in a room. Much like your dad, you often steal attention and engage a captive audience with your charm.

You are so kind. I can see that you’re a good soul and have such a calming presence.

I admire you so very much.

Already, you’ve made great friends. I can truly see your personality shine when you’re in the company of your new pals.


Every morning, when I wake you up, you smile the biggest smile of the day. Your poor mama cries of happiness every single time I see your cheeks rise up.

As you stretch your little arms, we always thank God for our day and for each other.

You love to pray with Mom and Dad. You’re so good at it baby. I’m so proud of you.

These days, you are eating … a lot! You absolutely adore to stand up. Your father and I think you’re going to skip crawling all together and just start walking around, telling us the business.

You love to talk. Right now, your words are so cute and your reactions are intuitive. You’re very alert and aware of what’s going on around you. You love to read and try to flip the pages. Sometimes, you fall asleep in my lap as we finish “Green Eggs and Ham.”


And perhaps the best thing of all is your mean mug. God, you’re so Italian. I love it.

I owe much to you, son.

Thank you for giving me perspective in my life my sweet boy. May I always learn from you, grow along with you and may you always know that your Mom and Dad love you more than their hearts can hold.

You’re my life. I love you.

Happy Three Months!


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