Product Review: Why SNOO is for you

Yesterday I discussed how my husband and I have adopted the principles taught by the renowned pediatrician, Dr. Harvey Karp, when taking care of our newborn son.

Dr. Karp, author of “The Happiest Baby on the Block,” the parental guidebook for all things baby sleeping, soothing and snuggling, is also the designer of an award-winning, high-tech bassinet.

Snoo is an innovative and stylish approach to the baby sleeping experience. It is a luxury item to be sure, with its sleek, high-end appeal and provision of a good night’s sleep for both you and baby.

Yes, Snoo is expensive. But you tell me what price you’d desperately pay for an extra hour, or two, or six, of well-deserved sleep?

More importantly, what would you pay if I told you that Snoo actually worked? I can tell you that it does.

My son has slept in his Snoo since the first night home from the hospital. For about four to six weeks, he slept from 8pm until 3am, then from 4am until 8am.

That’s right, he only woke up once. I’m not making this up.

For transparency’s sake, the first two weeks were kind of a toss up where he sometimes wakened more than once, on the occasion he didn’t eat well earlier in the day, etc. The requisite parental hazing phase of life, if you will.

But from the six-week mark on, he slept through the night. I’m talking from 8pm until 8am. You read that correctly. I swear it.

It’s all because of Snoo. The bassinet technologically incorporates the 5 S’s outlined in Dr. Karp’s book. For those considering night nurses, consider saving yourself the $200 (or more) an hour and get a Snoo. I would submit to you that the Snoo is better anyway.

Snoo comforts your baby with its sensory detection of your child’s emotional and physical wellbeing throughout baby’s nap or overnight sleep cycle.

To start, a simple press of a button initiates a gentle rocking motion that soothes baby into a deep sleep. The action of rocking only increases upon detection of baby’s discomfort (i.e. wiggling, crying, then more intense crying, for example).

There are levels of comfort that the Snoo provides in the form of white noise and rocking motion that simultaneously increase in volume and pace according to your child’s level of discomfort. The white noise is highly recommended by Dr. Karp in his book, and the rocking of your child whilst swaddled is a soothing combination.

Snoo stops when baby ultimately needs your care. Indeed, Snoo cannot change your baby’s diaper nor feed baby for you. Of course, those needs do require personal care.

I know you have more questions, allow me to answer them. This is long, I’m sorry:

What is Snoo’s best feature?

Apart from (the small task) creating a safe environment enabling my son to sleep all night, my favorite feature is that the Snoo sack clips into the Snoo, preventing my son from rolling over. This obviously reduces risk of SIDS. This helps this anxiety-ridden mama tremendously.

What is a Snoo sack?

 Kind of like Apple products, Snoo requires its own sleep sack in order to turn on Snoo. Yes, you must purchase Snoo sacks for your little one to wear to sleep for Snoo to work at all. It’s not that bad. I quite like the Snoo sacks.

Snoo sacks have mesh ventilation for obvious reasons: comfort, breathability and temperature control. The sleep sack zips up, with a protective measure to ensure the zipper doesn’t rub on your sweetie’s chin. Inside the Snoo sack, there are two Velcro bands that hold baby’s arms down, straight along the sides of the body. This helps baby feel tightly swaddled, and prevents wiggling that might wake up baby.

Lastly, Snoo sacks have a wing on the back exterior that extend to the sides and are used to side into the clips of the Snoo. Snoo is activated when you have properly slid in the wings into the slide clips of the bassinet.

What comes with the Snoo?

You will receive the Snoo in super sleek packaging that is reminiscent of an Apple product. Inside, you will find the Snoo, Snoo base/legs, three Snoo sacks in sizes small, medium and large, the Snoo mattress, the Snoo cords and a Snoo sheet.

Do I need to purchase anything else for Snoo?

 We purchased extra Snoo sacks and sheets. I highly recommend doing so as you will need more than one for purposes of hygiene and convenience.

We also purchased an arm that anchors/clips to the edge of the Snoo that hold our Nest camera that we use as a baby monitor. My husband ordered it on Amazon, it looks like a small crane and is very effective.

Later on, we purchased an Occobaby wedge that we occasionally use if we fear little man will spit up after a generous “dinner”. He sometimes eats a ton, and, even if we hold him upright afterwards for thirty or forty minutes, he will inevitably spit up a little. The wedge helps prevent that. I should say that this is not suggested or discussed by Dr. Karp at all, it’s just something we came up with after speaking to our pediatrician and I would suggest anyone discuss modifications with their doctor likewise.

Does your son sleep in a crib?

 At present, he is just under three months old. He has never slept in his crib. Clearly, we do not practice “Moms on Call,” “Babywise” or the like.

Does your son take naps in Snoo?

 Yes, provided that we are home during the day, our son sleeps each nap in the Snoo. Otherwise, he naps in his stroller bassinet while on the go.

Does the Snoo play white noise?

 Yes, the Snoo plays white noise and it’s GREAT. If you read “The Happiest Baby on the Block,” you will learn that the volume of the white noise loudness should match the intensity of your baby’s cry. Accordingly, the white noise that Snoo sounds increases in loudness and frequency as the Snoo elevates its level of soothing according to baby’s needs.

We also use the Hatch Baby rest full time with the Snoo. I like having the extra loud, ever present white noise. Sometimes I have forgotten to turn it on, and our son does perfectly fine with the white noise provided by Snoo. Personally, I have found the white noise actually helps me sleep!

Do you use a Snoo app?

 Yes. The Snoo app syncs with your bassinet, allowing you to remotely control the intensity of its care. For example, if I’m downstairs watching my child and I think he’s a little restless and would benefit from slightly more intense rocking, I can control Snoo and manually increase it.

Likewise, you can watch Snoo employ its own care, and the app will of course notify that “Snoo has stopped. Baby needs your care” in the event that the bassinet has gone thru all of the levels of care and your child needs you. For us, this means a wet diaper.

Do you use the Snoo app in other ways?

 Yes, the Snoo app has a Snoo Log that tracks your little one’s sleep each night. I can see the stretches of deep sleep, waking moments where my son self-soothed back to sleep and am able to compare progress overtime and see patterns.

We use this feature daily as we are really into sleep tracking and eating tracking. We take the Snoo data and input it into another app we use that combines sleep and eating progress.

How long will your son use Snoo?

We intend on using Snoo until our son is 6 months old, or otherwise outgrows it. Our boy weighs more than the average two and a half month old. This complies with the AAP guidelines and makes mom happy because I like him sleeping by me … I’m paranoid like that.

It also means you get your money’s worth.

How do you transition to the crib?

Snoo has a very cool weaning feature that allows you to enable a mechanism that slowly weans baby from the comfort of Snoo, at the age where the rocking is slowly no longer necessary. We are not here yet, but I have read extensively on the weaning feature and have only heard good things.

Newer Snoo sacks also have snap sides that allow you to stick out baby’s arms. This assists the weaning process so baby eventually learns that it’s okay to sleep in a slightly less-swaddled demeanor.

Can you limit the level of comfort employed by the Snoo?

Yes. If the highest level of rocking makes you at all uncomfortable, you can limit your Snoo to only rise to a certain level of intensity before it would otherwise stop and signal you if baby is still uncomfortable and needs your care.

Does your son wear regular pajamas underneath the Snoo sack?

Yes. Depending on how hot or cold it is, he will be dressed in a onesie or footie. We also use a pulse oximetry monitor on his foot, so he wears that as well.

How do you clean Snoo?

We use each Snoo sheet for one day and one night, then machine wash. The same goes for Snoo sacks. One time, our son had a big spit up and it stained the mesh side of the Snoo. I spot cleaned it with spray and wash, warm water and a dish towel, then let it ventilate well before our son used Snoo again.

Do you feel like Snoo has somehow reduced the bond you share with your son?

Not at all. On the contrary, Snoo has taught me to understand my son’s cues for various needs. Because of those instances when Snoo has stopped, I have been able to determine patterns in my son’s biological clock. This knowledge makes me feel more attuned to his overall needs and more confident as a mother. My husband feels the same way.

Moreover, your child learns how to self- soothe in the Snoo. That empowers your child and promotes confidence for baby as well.

In those moments that Snoo has stopped; meaning, the Snoo intensified its levels of care and my son persisted in his discomfort, he has learned to trust that I’ll be there for him in those crucial moments to make him feel better. You can’t discount the nurturing care a parent can provide or a newborn’s relieving trust in his or her parents.

Does Snoo travel?

I have to say this is the only thing that makes me even slightly unhappy with Snoo. Snoo isn’t easy to travel with as it weighs a ton and requires assembly – albeit only the small acts of plugging it in and installing the legs.

With that said, it can be dismantled and packed up. It takes some strength, space and patience I suppose. We have a SUV and are considering taking it with us on a road trip to the beach. Neither one of us wants to deal with the adjustment and readjustment phases of a week without Snoo.

That should tell you something.

“A Week Without Snoo” sounds like the title of a scary movie. I don’t want to spend a week without Snoo. Snoo is magical and good. We love Snoo.

Got any other Snoo questions? Let me know! I’ll be happy to answer!

If you SNOOze, you win! (Had to).

Thanks for reading!


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  1. what an informative blog post for any new parent looking into buying a SNOO. Great Q & A and the pictures were fantastic too. Keep up the posts- I love your blog!!

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