Noodle and Boo

When it comes to choosing what bath time products to use on my son, I have very high standards and expectations. Products all too often have hidden ingredients that are toxic to adult skin, let alone our little one’s super soft, sweet baby skin.

Personally, I have sensitive skin and avoid sulfates at all costs. Sulfates are often foaming agents in detergents, cleansers and shampoos. They can cause rashes, eczema and itching. Virtually every baby bath product I came across in the drugstore (shockingly) had sulfates!


Noodle and Boo first caught my attention while I was shopping for a friend’s shower in our local baby boutique here in Atlanta. Years later, I researched more deeply into the quality of their product when I knew we were expecting. In particular, I needed to know what ingredients are incorporated into their formulas, the variety of products available and their overall efficacy.


Review after review blew me away. Everything I read about Noodle and Boo was making me feel relaxed and confident as a new mom. I felt so wonderful clicking the “add to your registry” button knowing that I was making the right choice.

We have exclusively used Noodle and Boo since my little bundle arrived. We enjoy the wide range of their products and have incorporated them into our daily routine.

When needed, we use the Ultimate Ointment at diaper changes, for the best, moisture-locking barrier.


At bath time, we start with the Soothing Body Wash, my personal favorite. We buy the big pump bottle as it’s an easy option while you’re balancing baby! The body wash is so gentle, smells wonderful and lathers nicely. On the occasion my son has accidentally splashed soap into his eyes, there was no burning or discomfort. That is lovely.

For my son’s hair, we use the Gentle Baby Shampoo and massage it into his scalp with my hands, then a hairbrush. When he is dried off, we like to spray in the Conditioning Hair Polish. That stuff is AMAZING. My son was born with a head full of hair, much to my delight, and this product has kept his hair conditioned, locked in moisture and shine and I believe has helped protect his scalp from cradle cap.


For extra moisture, sometimes we use the Baby Balm at a diaper change, or after bath. It’s a nice alternative when you do not need to use zinc oxide or otherwise just feel like moisturizing your baby’s skin a little extra.

Noodle and Boo also has amazing home products. I haven’t tried everything, but we swear by their Ultra Safe Laundry Detergent and Ultra Soft Fabric Conditioner! Again, they are free of sulfates and I feel so comfortable using them on my son’s clothes. It’s so important to find a great detergent because their clothing is in constant contact with their baby skin. These products smell wonderful, clean effectively and are something I buy on repeat.


The laundry detergents also offer sentimental value. With fondness, I have memories of washing my son’s clothes with Noodle and Boo while awaiting his beautiful arrival!

Finally, I’ll mention the Room Spray This comes in handy, trust me. It’s fabulous when in a sticky, smelly situation … or even when you’re not!

Let me know if you use this product line and your thoughts! Thank you for reading!!



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