The First Two Weeks

They say the time flies with a little one. Every mom has heard, “They grow so fast.” People just love to tell new moms that.


What they don’t tell you is that those first two weeks are really, really rough and feel like an eternity. I’m not only talking about the sleep deprivation because we all know that comes with the territory. It’s the other stuff, the smaller challenges that are somehow not included in the “How to Parent: 101” books you read while pregnant.


For example, no one ever told me about the emotional torture you constantly endure. You’re overjoyed at welcoming the new baby, but you’re tired, you’re medicated, you’re sore, possibly stitched up. You can’t walk.

You have this newly acquired mom sense (in addition to the other five) and it tells you to watch your sweet baby like a hawk, to pick him up, or to put him down. Feed him now.


Your mom sense tells you to run up the stairs because he’s crying in his bassinet. You can almost predict what baby needs because you’re so uniquely attuned. All of the feelings are hyped and raw and so real. It puts all the Twilight movies to shame because you’re super mom and your instincts rage louder that any mythical creature created. Same with your hormones. Those are definitely raging.

And then there’s the torture part I mentioned. See, your super mom powers are thwarted by your actual physical state. It’s a violent battle within. You can’t run because you’re sore, heavily medicated, stitched or in pain.

Your feet hurt, your body is absent that round bump you used as a table for so many months and you feel somehow empty. And it’s just hard to reconcile the constant feeling that you cannot do all that baby needs.           


That’s why the first two weeks feel like an eternity. You somehow missed the crash course on baby care and instead you just crash.

Those two weeks are the hardest weeks I have ever endured. They were a swift goodbye to my former life and a very quick introduction to my new forever. The sheer influence of that time is nothing short of amazing.

I wouldn’t trade my puffy eyes (from crying of happiness more than lack of sleep) or my swollen feet (from disobeying the doctor and running up the stairs anyway) or even my scar (it reminds me of the best day of my life) for anything in this world.



In fact, I soon realized that I wasn’t empty at all. My heart and my life were likewise filled to the brim with more love than I could have ever imagined. Life was instantly filled with responsibility and it left no room for selfishness. Patience prevailed and my days were far less rushed.32503586_10212649037797144_4198635165280370688_nEach moment, each midnight hour, every newborn day is a treasure. And now, they are missed. I reflect on them as a badge of honor. Time was slow yet fleeting and I am super powerful and a super mom because of the experience.

My advice to the mamas to be out there is to listen when they tell you, “The time flies by.” They are right.

5 thoughts on “The First Two Weeks

  1. A truly wonderful read for all first time moms and mothers to be. A rare glimpse into the reality that only a mom can arrest to and find endearing. A Great blog‼️

  2. I love this. I remember thinking how hard those first weeks were, and wondering if I was struggling because I was inadequate. People don’t talk about those struggles, and everyone just keeps asking how much you are loving motherhood. This post shows the reality of the emotions felt in a perfect way. 💖

  3. So spot on!! Love just radiates from your writing. Truly a very heartwarming view of the first two weeks of motherhood. You are a wonderful mom to sweet Pierce and very blessed in so many ways!

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