Travel Guide: Positano

Have you ever seen the movie “Nine”? It’s based of off Fellini’s famed “8 1/2” and it glamorously portrays what “La Dolce Vita” actually means. You see the phrase on shopping totes and cookbooks, but like most things about Italy, the sweet life is much more than a motto. It’s a delicious lifestyle that is just oh so attractive and sophisticated.


When Kate Hudson belts out “the sleek women in Positano” she perfectly describes the place and the jet setters who dwell there. My husband and I visited Positano on our honeymoon two years ago and we have been longing to return ever since.

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I am often asked where we stayed, what we did and what I recommend. Here are my answers.

Getting There:

It’s tricky, to be sure. We took a train from Rome to Naples and hired a private driver to navigate the crazy scary cliff highways to Positano. I highly recommend that. You do not need a car and one could not pay me enough money to drive that route myself. Like Dante, you have to make a terrifying trek to arrive at paradise.

You can also fly direct to Naples if Amalfi is your sole destination, of course.



Hotel: Le Sirenuse, Via C. Colombo, 30-84017 Positano

Luxurious and chic, Le Sirenuse is the notable and historic locale perfectly situated on the Positano shoreline. It has the most marvelous view, vividly painted in Mediterranean turquoise and embellished by the mosaic duomo.  It is the ultimate honeymoon destination, though it is by no means budget friendly. My suggestion is truly to plan well in advance and ensure you stay in a place where you will absolutely experience the thrill of the Amalfi Coast. I promise it’s worth it. Order an Aperol spritz at Franco’s champagne and oyster bar and watch the gorgeous sunset.


Dine: Le Tre Sorelle, Da Adolfo, La Sponda, Ristorante Max

Le Tre Sorelle, “The Three Sisters” is the place to order spaghetti alle vongole or to enjoy a pizza while watching the tide. It’s very elegant at night, when the daytime tourists have sailed away.

Da Adolfo is not on the beach of Positano, but is a beach club and restaurant nearby. At particular times throughout the day, a small boat with a red fish will come pick you up at the pier. You can enjoy a delicious meal and stay a while for the privacy  of the beach club.

La Sponda is the most beautiful restaurant I’ve ever been to. It’s decorated with vibrant green vines and emerald mosaics flowing that contrasts the stark white walls so well. It’s Michelin rated and located at Le Sirenuse.

Ristorante Max doesn’t have the greatest view, but the best vibe. Where locals dine, this restaurant is right off the main road that winds so intricately throughout the city and boasts an elegant al fresco dining space.



Do: Go to Safari Club for handmade sandals, the ultimate souvenir

While in Amalfi, do as Sofia Loren would do and purchase handmade sandals. Safari Club is the best on Positano and you can select custom designs ranging from casual to elegant. The shoes make lasting memories of your trip in a way that limoncello simply cannot do …


Grazie mille xo

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