Pregnant with Pierce: Our Story

Somehow, I just knew I’d one day be a boy mom. I just knew it. Women think about these things, don’t we? I mean, the minute I also just knew I’d marry my husband, my brain went straight to “what will our kids’ names be?” I imagined those children as boys.  For me, it did not matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t imagine shades of pink in my hypothetical motherhood future.

When we found out we were expecting last August, we were beside ourselves with happiness. Personally, I was bursting at the seams to tell the family what was going on. We are blessed with an excited family that thrives on breaking news!


Our entire pregnancy was filled with so much joy; I had no business complaining about much. As far as the symptoms go, I managed to avoid the dreaded morning sickness entirely but otherwise fell victim to heartburn and swollen feet. The entire thing was really a breeze for me. Sure, we worried about the normal things – does he have all his fingers and toes? Is he growing at the correct rate? Is his heartbeat strong?

I understand our experience is the exception to most, so I write this with a good dose of humility and immense gratitude for our blessings.

For me, the hardest part was the unknown factors surrounding pregnancy. Starting out, I was blissfully ignorant to SO much I didn’t anticipate. Which is quite dreadful, really.

I am a planner (see, control freak) and while this pregnancy was planned, I didn’t know what to expect going forward each day, each week, each ultrasound, each blood test. My husband and I had no point of reference since we are the first of our close friends to be pregnant. It was a little unnerving.


After a terrible experience with our first OBGYN that told us our pregnancy was not likely viable (for absolutely NO reason), we were mercifully introduced to a new doctor through a family member. The stark contrast between the two practices was really remarkable. We unnecessarily suffered a month of terror, quietly, as this was before any of our family knew we were pregnant, all because our first doctor disagreed with the date of conception that I knew to be accurate (see previous comment re: “control freak”).

Let’s just say we spent our appointments debating not celebrating. I had anxiety attacks mid-ultrasound. My simple advice to anyone who is pregnant, or planning to be, is to make sure you have a good relationship with your doctor – they are certainly not one size fits all!


I was determined to experience wonderful things while pregnant with Pierce. We consciously travelled well and often. Pierce and I waddled to every UGA game, all the way to Chicago, to Sea Island, to Lake Tahoe and ate our blissful way through Italy.

In hindsight, it was exhausting – us gals grow humans after all! However, keeping busy kept me healthy, and, more importantly, kept our son healthy. I never envisioned being a bump on a log because I was pregnant – I just wanted to have a bump.

Our ambitious routine created the best memories in our last months as a married couple “before kids”. Travelling throughout our pregnancy was the best decision we made.

I share this in an effort to tell all the pregnant people, or the people wanting to be pregnant people, that life doesn’t end when the waistline extends! Live your life fully while your little one is growing in there. I believe babies learn from the experiences! Knowing my son now, I very much think he is so well socialized because we remained sociable during pregnancy.

I absolutely loved being pregnant and my story is a blessed one. I pray the same for every family! I can’t wait to share all the stories from my new life as a mom. Not every moment is flawless, but every moment is perfect.





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