A New Beginning


I am so excited to announce my latest endeavor, this wonderful blog, to share my new life as a mom to our sweet little boy!

A long-held dream of mine has been to share my experiences and passions through the written word. The idea of a blog is a bit daunting to be perfectly honest, but I am jumping in with a happy heart that is so desirous to share what it loves with all of you!

Here you will find tales from a new mom, including my trials and errors and all that comes with being a first time parent! I hope to share recipes inspired by my Italian heritage while also keeping things rooted deep in the South where I grew up.

My family loves travel – to places nearby and afar – so expect postcards from those journeys and the activities we so dearly love. Matters of lifestyle and personal interest are important to me as well! I hope to share anything and everything that seems at all marvelous to my readers.

So I thank you for being here and for supporting me on this new and fashionable effort to share my life with you!



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